Essex League Rules

CSC Essex League Team Rules

1. To represent Clements Squash Club as part of any team requires players to be a member of Clement Squash Club and be actively participating in the club league 

2. Team members will at all times:

a. Behave in a manner that upholds the good reputation of the club

b. Play fairly and competitively 

c. Abide by the rules of the league or competition in which they are playing

d. Be gracious in winning or defeat

e. Accept referring or marking decision as final

f. Avoid any action that could bring the club into disrepute

g. Offer advice to their fellow team members if requested

h. Pay an equitable share of team costs

3. Teams will be selected according to ability unless otherwise agreed by team captains.

4. Ranking positions within each team will be strictly according to ability.