Competition Rules

  Clements Squash Club Competition Rules

  1. To play in the Clements Squash Club competitions requires you to be a member of Clement Squash Club and be actively participating in the club league.
  2. Championship competitions (Men’s, Ladies, Under 35, Over 35, Over 45, Over 55, Over 60 and Ken Hastings):
    1. Matches will be scored as per league games box 1 and below i.e. 15 points per game; best of 5 games.  However, if both players normally play their league games in the top box they will play up to 11.
    2. Match winners will be decided using normal club league rules
    3. To enter into the Ken Hastings competition you must be in boxes 6 and below.
    4.  You must meet the criteria of the Aged competition as set out in the competition notice
    5. Where appropriate no player may enter more than  one Aged competition
  3. Handicap competitions:
    1. Matches will be played up to 100, with a point awarded to the winner of each rally regardless of who served.
    2. The score at the start of each match will be the player’s handicap scores e.g. Player A has a handicap of 10; Player B has a handicap of 15; the starting score will be 10-15.
    3. A maximum of two 90-second breaks may be taken during a 40-minute session. However if the players choose to play to 100 regardless of time, then four 90-second breaks are permitted.  See d below re the final
    4. Match winners will be decided by whoever is leading at the end of the 40-minute session (normally when the next players on court “knock”) including the final.
  4. Doubles competition matches will be played up to 15 points, with a point awarded to the winner of each rally. The wearing of protective goggles is mandatory.
  5. Racketball competition matches will be played up to 11 points, with a point awarded to the winner of each rally
  6. Competition games are played to World Squash Federation rules
  7. If a match winner is not written on the draw sheet by the deadline date, then the player nearest the top of the draw sheet or where two names are shown in the same box the person to the left will be put through to the next round. This puts the onus for arranging the match on the player to the right or nearest the bottom of the draw sheet.
  8. Normal walk-over rules will apply as described in the league rules.
  9. Players can agree (prior to commencing their match) to complete the match after the 40-minute session by continuing to play on the same or another court until the game has finished, or by re-scheduling the game before the competition play-by date. Note, that if a player arrives more than 5 minutes late, then the player on court ready to play has the right to choose which option to use.
  10. Subject to sufficient players entering the competition, a plate competition will be held for players losing in the first round.
  11. The finals will be played on the date shown on the competition sheet. Players unable to attend will forfeit the match.
  12. The competition secretary has discretionary power to take remedial action to cover any eventuality or extenuating circumstance and their decision is final.  This includes entering Women in Men’s competitions when circumstances dictate.
  13. No harassing the competitions secretary.