Finals Night Match Reports

Finals Night (Aged Group) held on 15th Dec 2016

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Clements Squash Club Competition Finals Result (Aged Group) held on 2nd Dec 2016.

Over 60 Paul Clarke beat Brian Pickard 3-1. 15/7,10/15,15/13,17/15 33mins
Over 55 Not played Not played Neither Tony Draper or Del Mitchell turned up
Over 45 Andrew Harvey beat Greg Barker 3-0 15/10,15/11,15/10
Over 35 Malcolm McEwen beat Chris Purkiss 3-1. 15/11,15/11,13/15,15/8 35mins
Under 35 Harry Kitchens beat John Cordon 3-0. Cordon unwell


Clements Squash Club Competition Finals Report held on 15th July 2016.


Ken Hastings: Tim Markham vs Ross Nicol


Due to Ross’s work commitments the match was not played.


Women’s Open: Anne Trafford beat Kristell Le Cam 3-0 (15/4, 15/7, 15/6) 18 minutes


Anne’s squash has significantly improved since her involvement with squash coaching. This was evident tonight as Anne dominated this match despite Kristell’s efforts. Anne played a number of shots in the first to the back of the court. Kristell ran from the front to the back to retrieve the ball but was unable to return the tighter shots. Anne won the first 15/4.


Although Anne won the second 15/7 she did not have it her own way as Kristell played a number of tight shots and lobs to the back of the court, making Anne run to both the back and front of the court.


At the start of third fatigue set in and it was evident that Kristell was tired from her exertions in the previous games. Anne led 6-2 before Kristell played a wonderful forehand drop that hit the nick. Kristell won three more points and never gave up but Anne was better on the night and kept control and won 15/6


Congratulations to both players who produced another entertaining match.


Men’s Open Plate Championship: Malcolm McEwen beat Tim Markham 3-0 (15/4, 15/6, 15/1) 23 minutes



Malcolm was unable to play his Open game in time and entered the Plate with his usual enthusiasm. The prospect of meeting his younger brother in the final spurred him on, however Mark’s knee injury prevented that and he met Tim.


With no disrespect to Tim we all knew that there was a substantial gap in class between the two players. However, Malcolm played the match with honour and kept the rallies going. Tim played with great dignity and did his best running his socks off to try to win points. However, Malcolm whose movement and accuracy reminded me of the great John White was always in control. A number of times Tim thought he had won the point only to watch the ball pass him at both the front and back of the court. Tight boasts, low deep drives and a couple of forehand nicks ensured that Malcolm won 15/4.


Tim kept running but it was Malcolm who won the points with his tighter and more accurate shots. Tim efforts were rewarded at 3/7 and 4/8 with two half volley drops which Malcolm acknowledged. Unfortunately for Tim this inspired Malcolm who noticed that Tim through fatigue stood at the back of the court to play a number of drops to win the second 15/6.


Exhaustion caught up with Tim he lost the game 15/1 with Malcolm playing inspirational squash. Well done Tim for making a wonderful effort and not giving up.


Congratulations to Malcolm not only for his victory but for the way he played. Malcolm is a relatively new member to our club and looks a potential winner of the 2017 main event.– if you get the chance to watch him play do so as you will learn a great deal about movement and variety of shots.


Men’s Open Championship: Chris Purkiss beat Justin Townsend 3-0 (11/8, 11/8, 11/4) 17 minutes



Another technically gifted player and last year’s runner up Chris Purkiss who hates coming second wanted this trophy. He was cheered on by Sally his wife and two sons who after the match went on court to show off their skills, look out Dad you may become the third best squash player in your home.


Wife Denise and her daughter Emily came to support Justin, who also had former club member Colin Copeland (nice to see you Colin) in his camp.


The match started with both players who were nervous and failing to clear the ball which led to two strokes. Justin then played the better squash and led 4/3 by playing tight drives and drops. Chris then responded in kind and played two wonderful back hand boasts which despite Justin’s efforts he could not return. Chris won the first 11/8.


Surprisingly both players failed to clear the ball that led to a let and two strokes. At 4/3 Chris took control playing some wonderful squash especially on his backhand. Justin was competitive but played a number of high backhand boasts and high drops that allowed Chris to come in to steal the points and he won the second 11/8.


At the start of the third Justin forced Chris after along rally to make an error to win the serve. Inexplicably Justin played a lob serve that hit the ceiling. Chris did not waste any time in seizing control to lead 5/1. After another long rally which Justin won with a superb drop, his serve again hit the ceiling. At 3/9 there was no way back for Justin and Chris quickly finished off the match to win 11/4.

Well done Justin and Chris who produced another highly entertaining match.


Clements Squash Club Competition Finals Report held on 1st July 2016.


Racketball: Chris Purkiss beat Justin Townsend 3-0 (11/3, 11/6, 11/9) 20mins


This final was well supported by Justin’s friends and family (Mum, Alan, Denise, Emily and Rod Carrington) which was great to see.-


Chris arrived full of confidence having knocked out the holder Paul Hodge in the semi final. This was obvious in the first game when he took firm control to lead 8-0. Justin played a superb tight drop shot to gain his first point but Chris won 11/3.


In the second Justin led 4-1 when he went back to basics playing tight shorts to the back of the court. However, Chris the most technically gifted player in the club reacted well by playing even tighter shots and wonderful cross court shots and tight boasts to lead 9-6. Two mistakes by Justin allowed Chris to win the second 11/6.


The third was much tighter as Justin played a series of tight shots and delicate boasts and drops. He was matched by Chris, which made this game very exciting and at 9-9 Justin had chances to take the game. However, Chris’s tight serve and fierce forehand drive ensured victory 11/9.


Wonderful match played by two sporting players. Well done Justin and Chris.



Clements Squash Club Competition Finals Report held on 14th July 2015.

Racketball:  Paul Hodge beat Justin Townsend 3-2 (9/11,11/4,11/7,9/11,11/2) 37mins

This final was well supported by Justin’s friends and family (Mum, Alan, Denise, Joe, Emily and Rod Carrington) which was great to see.-

Court 1 was very hot and both players were quick to realise that hitting a fierce shot would serve no purpose.  They were cagey until at 8/8 when the referee awarded a stroke to Paul (the only decision of the night) which seemed to spur on Justin who played a number of good lengths and accurate drops.  Although Paul did well to retrieve them he could not turn them into winning points.  Justin won 11/9.

Game 2 saw an aggressive Paul dominate the T and the game with tight drives, drops and clever boasts.  He quickly led 5/0 before Justin won his first point.  Paul regained the serve and played two exquisite drops shots at 6/1 and 8/2 before winning 11/4.

Both players in the third game played a cagey game.  Each inexplicably tinned a number of shots after getting themselves into a winning position.  Paul’s movement was a lot better and at 6/7 he returned a deep drive from Justin just above the tin to level the game.  Paul seized the initiative and won the next four points, 11/7

The fourth game saw the return of a dominant Paul who quickly led 9/5, before Justin realised what was happening.  Justin won the next rally with a lovely backhand boast.  Justin went back to basics concentrating on line and length and dominating the T whilst playing a number of low deep tight drives.  He won the next 5 points to take the game 11/9.

In the fifth Paul’s determination to win the match was evident and led 10/0 before Justin won the next two points.  Justin’s comment when handing the ball to Paul at 9/0, “it is hard to beat someone who does not stop running” summed up this game.  Paul kept running, playing accurate shots and won the game 11/2.  Paul retained his title.

Both players left the court exhausted having given their all and to warm applause.


Clements Squash Club Competition Finals Report held on 7th July 2015.

Ken Hastings:  Del Mitchell beat Brian Pickard 3-1 (6/15,15/5,15/10,15/9) 32 minutes.

On a very hot night Brian and Del warmed up in a friendly manner that continued into the first game.  Del’s game seem to fall apart after he failed to clear and the referee awarded a stroke.  Brian led 1/0 which soon became 11/4. Del unusually tinned a number of shots.  Brian played a number of tennis half volley boasts that appeared to demoralise Del who was heard shouting come on Mitch a number of times.

Like all good players Del blamed his Racquet for the loss of the first game and changed it.  The start of the second was a much better contest with Dell hitting solid drives and very good lobs.  Brian played a number of winning cross court drives and some superb lobs.  At 5/5 no one was sure who would win the game.  Brian then served a fault and Del took over.  He won the next 9 points by playing a series of good lengths and clever drops.

The third game was very similar to the second until Del won the rally to lead 8/7with a very tight backhand drive that seemed to stick to the wall.  Del dominated the T and read Brian’s shots.  Del played a Drop and Forehand drive, Drop and a backhand drive, tight drop and a forehand drive with a beautiful cross court drop to lead 13/7.  Brian did not give up and played a combination of drives/drops and lobs to serve at 9/13 both players inexplicably tinned shots but a tight serve and drop enabled Del to win the game.

When Del served at the start of the fourth he exuded confidence with a determined look that reminded the audience of a certain Nick Matthew.  He continued to play tight lengths and exquisite drops.  Although Brian matched Del he did not dominate the T and this enabled Del to lead 7/6.  Brian then tinned a drop when Del was at the back of the court.  Del took control even though Brian played the best backhand boast of the evening.  A No let at 12/9 spurred Del on to win the next two points and the match 3/1.

Congratulations to both players who entertained the crowd.  Well done Del who retained his title.

Women’s Open:  Anne Trafford beat Kristell Le Cam 3-1 (15/2, 15/12,10/15,15/6) 21 minutes

In May 2015 we witnessed Camille Serme’s of France famous victory at the British Open.  The spectators wondered whether Kristell could emulate her fellow countrywoman and win this Competition. Anne was however, determined not to allow Kristell dominate the first game.  Anne’s tight drives put Kristell under severe pressure which led to errors and she quickly led 6/0.  Continued pressure through accurate drives ensured that Anne was in control.  She won the first game 15/2.

The second started well for Kristell who played a number of forehand volleys with some success.  She led 6/4.  Anne then took control but a stunning return of serve by Kristell at 9/12 suggested that she may take the game.  However, Anne stepped up and dominated the front of the court to win the game with a combination of drives and cross court drops 15/12.

At 3/3 in the third Kristell was determined not to let Anne run away with the game and took the initiative.  Kristell’s forehand serves at 6/4, 9/8 and 11/9 were accurate and deadly.  Anne played a wonderful winning drive at 9/12.  But Kristell wearing the “maillot juane” was determined to win this game and she did 15/10 with some fantastic drives.

The training drills with Del Mitchell were evident when Anne produced some aggressive and accurate squash.  She took control as her game was tighter and more clinical and quickly led 11/4.  An exciting tough rally which Anne won to lead 12/4 had both players running to the back of the court on many occasions to retrieve the ball.  Although disappointed at losing the rally Kristell did not give up and she won the next two.  Anne at 12/6 saw off Kristell’s challenge with two wonderful drives and a clever drop to win the game 15/6 and the match 3/1 and to retain her title.

Well done to both players for an entertaining match. 

Men’s Open Plate Championship:  Paul Clarke beat Del Mitchell 3-2 (15/11,10/15,13/15,15/9,15/12) 46 minutes

Paul and Del knew they had to be at their best to win as they had played a number of 40 minute plus friendlies in recent weeks with Del winning those 3-2.  Both were positive in the warm up and started well in the first game.

Del’s movement was much better than Paul’s and he quickly led 6/3, having played a number of drives and cross court drops.  Del then tinned his next shot and cried out “Mitch” in frustration.  Paul saw his opportunity and fought back to lead 9/8.  A long rally at 11/11 with both players varying their shots entertained the crowd which Paul won with a low tight backhand drive.  Paul eventually taking the next three to win 15/11.

In the second Paul led 5/2 before Del angry with himself started to dominate the front of the court cutting off Paul’s attempted cross court drives with superb drops.  It was Paul’s turn to verbalise his frustrations as he tried unsuccessfully to change his game.  He tinned a number of cross court boasts.  Del’s domination of the T and accurate drives to the back of the court forcing Paul into the corners whose returns were weak.  Del quickly moved from 10/9 to 15/9.

Although the score was close in third 15/13, Del was always on top as he continued to play tight drives and lovely drops.  Paul continued to play his cross court boasts with the same result.  Del’s better movement at the front of the court helped him at 9/8, 12/10,13/10 to kill Paul’s loose returns with delicate drops.

A change of shirt and tactics by Paul appeared to increase his tempo.  Del again dominated the T but was forced into a change when Paul played straight drives.  Again the score was close and at 4/4 Paul played a loose shot back to the T a clear stroke but Del hit a loose return.  Paul stepped in and killed it.  Del again vented his frustration and appeared to lose his way as Paul raced into 10/5 lead.  Del regrouped, rallied and played wonderful shots but Paul’s confidence was rising and he matched Del with equally good shots in particular his favourite forehand hand volley boast, to win 15/9.

Both players realised what was at stake in the fifth but Del withstood the pressure as Paul tinned a number of shots to lead 7/3.  Another forehand volley boast from Paul encouraged him to play a more varied game and he led 10/7.  As expected Del fought back but Paul managed to stay three points ahead and when Del tinned his return at 12/14 Paul won the game and match 3-2.

The exhausted players whose determination to win was evident throughout were warmly applauded by the appreciative crowd.  This match said Anne Trafford “was a fantastic balance of friendly rivalry and healthy competition.  It was entertaining to watch and both players fought hard”. 

Well done Del and Paul

Men’s Open Championship:  Mike Lofthouse beat Chris Purkiss 3-0 (11/7,11/9,11/9) 30 minutes

This match featured two technically gifted players who entertained the crowd with some wonderful shots in numerous rallies.  Chris however, did not seem is normal self and took a long time to get into the match.  However, Mike looked fresh and raring to go.

Mike led 4/0 having played three wonderful forehand drops and lobs.  Chris as usual retrieved with some excellent shots but they were well read by Mike who played a succession of drops and tight drives.  He also benefitted from a couple of lucky nicks.  It is usually Chris who has them but tonight they eluded him.  A succession of long rallies involving all four quarters of the court saw Mike win the first game 11/7.

Chris started well in the second and led 7/3 playing a number of tight drives and cross court boasts; but he could not finish off the game.  Mike fought hard and at 6/7 won the rally with a wonderful tight forehand half court drive that was unplayable.  Chris sportingly recognised the quality of the shot.  A no let against Chris temporarily disturbed Chris’s game but he won the next rally with a casual but accurate drop from the back of the court 8/7.  But Mike would not lie down and at 9/9 won the next two points with a Shabana like cross court boast and a backhand drop.

Defeat in the second and Mike winning another two rallies with lucky nicks seemed to deflate Chris.  However, with Mike leading 9/4 before Chris played a series of shots that had Mike running round the court.  Chris finished it off with a quality cross court drive to the back of the court.  Chris continued to dominate and fought back to 7/9.  Both players started to get nervous which led to two lets at 9/7 and 10/7.  Mike realised how perilous an accurate Chris can be and quickly regained control to win the next two points 11/7 and the match 3-0.

Well done to both players.  Also congratulations to Mike “Shabana” Lofthouse on his first Open title.

Thank you to the spectators, to all those players who entered and played their matches.  Thank you John Grover for refereeing.  A special thank you to our guest referee Mike Campbell National Grade ref who will be refereeing at the World Junior Championship in Eindhoven at the end of this month.


Clements Squash Club Aged Competitions - Finals night held on 2nd December 2014

Once again members experienced another enjoyable finals night which was held on the same night as Club night.  Non members also experienced the joy of watching some wonderful squash at all levels.  I hope t inspired them to join our club.

I must thank John Grover, Elaine Oddie and Paul Clarke for refereeing/marking the matches and the players who played virtually everything they could and cleared the ball quickly.  Consequently we did not experience any controversial finals.


Men’s O60s

Phil Hobbs 3-1 John Hayles; 15/8, 15/8, 15/11 (22m)

Phil who had just returned from a relaxing holiday in the sun had been in fine form this year and had climbed up the internal leagues.  It was no surprise that he was the firm favourite to win this title.  Both players played some wonderful drives, drops and boasts.  However, tonight Phil read the game better and was able to convert John’s drops into winning lobs or drives. 


Men’s O55s – Leo Massey trophy

Paul Clarke 3-2 George Walker; 13/15, 9/15 15/11, 15/8, 15/13 (47m)

The some of the spectators laughed at both players warm up routine whilst other realised what was at stake.  Paul was humiliated by George in the 2012 final and wanted revenge.  George wanted to emulate John Grover (2009-2011) and win three titles in a row.

Paul led 7/1 before his mind wandered and George seized his opportunity with a number of backhand drives tight in the front left corner to win 15/13.  In the second Paul never looked like winning the game hitting the ball into the tin on too many occasions losing 8/3 before staging a minor revival but eventually losing 15/10.

Before the start of third Paul tightened his shoes and reminded himself of his game plan.  He was determined not to suffer another humiliating defeat and played a number of winning forehand volley and half volley boasts.  George more than matched Paul with a number of shots that died so quickly after reaching the front wall.  At 7/7 no one had any idea who was going to win.  Paul after a long rally which he won with a clever backhand drive at 10/8 enabled took control and won the game 15/11.

In the fourth George appeared to tire and stopped running for every ball.  At 9/7 Paul played a wonderful lob from the front right that died in the back left.  This spurred Paul onto victory as he won this game 15/8.

At the start of the fifth both players were visibly nervous but they tried to play positive squash and varied their shots with mixed success.  The game and therefore the match could have gone either way at 12/12.  But both players were determined to win and played a number of potentially wining shots which their opponent retrieved.  At 14/12 Paul thought he had the match but George played a disguised forehand drive to regain the serve at 13/14.  George served well putting Paul under pressure.  A tight nervous rally ensued.  Paul played a tight backhand return forcing George into the back left corner. He correctly anticipated George’s return to play a drop to the right front.  Although George tried it was too good and Paul won the game and the match.


Men’s O45s: 

Adrian Bunting 3-2 Marcus Allan; 15/11, 15/10, 7/15, 14/16, 15/10 (46m)

To paraphrase Jimmy Greaves this was a funny old game.  Marcus was 8/6 up in the first and looked like winning but a couple of tins and an out led to Adrian wining 15/11.  In the second a stroke against Marcus at 10/5(who was supported by his wife Marie – always a pleasure to see her) seem to lose focus and Adrian won it 15/10.

I am not sure what Marcus had in his drink but he seemed to be a different player.  He was more assertive and controlling in the third he played a number of tight boasts and drives.  A number of shots left Adrian flat footed and Marcus won it 15/7.

In the third both players were more cautious this led to them playing loose balls or high bouncing drops.  Neither player was more than two ahead in this game which was eventually won by Marcus 16/14. 

In the fifth Marcus led 6/1 and 8/5 through thoughtful chess like squash.  However, Adrian seized on a loose ball to get back into the game to lead 9/8.  Marcus came back with a wonderful drive to lead 10/9.  The crowd sensed a victory for Marcus but Adrian had other ideas and played his usual backhand cross court boast to wrong foot Marcus to lead 12/10.  Adrian’s cause was helped in the next rally when Marcus played a ball back to himself.  The stroke enabled Adrian to lead 13/10.  Marcus was visibly despondent and Adrian seized his opportunity to win the next two points and the match.


Men’s O35- Les Downes trophy

Mike Lofthouse 3-1 Paul Hodge 11/4, 11/6, 9/11, 11/9 (38m)

Once again these two players played lovely squash which enthralled the crowd.  Both know each other’s game and it was a surprise that Mike won the first so quickly 11/4.  Mike was 7/2 up in the second before Paul woke up and started to play his shots.  Mike was under pressure but held on to win 11/6.

We all knew what was coming next, Hodgey would be determined not to lose 3-0 and it was no surprise that he came out of the blocks and at 5/3 he won the point after a long rally, he looked a different man.  Paul outplayed Mike in a number of rallies to win the game 11/9.

In the fourth Paul rediscovered his self belief at the same time Mike appeared to lose focus and he led 5/2.  The thought of playing a fifth game troubled Mike and he made Paul run more to earn his points.  Mike led 10/7 before Paul fought back to 9/10 before Mike edged the next point to win both the game and match 11/9.


Men’s U35

Mike Tyler 3-1 James Pratt 15/3, 15/9, 14/16, 15/10 (43m)

Whilst watching these two young men play members realised that the future of the club was in good hands.  Both players played wonderful enthralling shots, the drops were of a high class but their ability to retrieve added to the enjoyment.  Mike with the support of his parents won the first game convincingly 15/03.  However, he was made to struggle by James in the second and Mike had to use his long reach to keep the rallies going.  Mike eventually won the second. 

You would have thought that James would have suffered a psychological blow following the lost of the second game with Mike’s long reach and legs enabling to return James’s best shots.  But James did not let that get him down.  He fought hard and played wide angle shots to ensure that Mike could not return them to win the third 16/14.

The shock of losing the third game stirred Mike and he raced into a 10/4 lead in the fourth.  James was mixing his game but was struggling to get to the ball and a number of times the facial grimace suggested that he was injured.  He was he later revealed that he had shin splints.  Although injured he did not give up and fought hard but Mike was too good for him on the night winning the fourth 15/10


Another wonderful evening and we hope that 2015 will be even better.  Look out for 2015 competitions.  Dates and times will be posted on the website and notice board in January 2015.

Paul Clarke

Competition Secretary


Clements Squash Club Finals night 15th July 2014

The Men’s and Mixed Doubles competitions were not played due to business commitments and other issues.  Despite this a modern day record crowd of over 35 watched the finals.  They were not disappointed with the quality of the matches.


Paul Hodge beat Justin Townsend 3-1 (9/11,11/6,11/6,11/6 35 minutes)

This competition has been running for five years and Paul Hodge won the first three before losing in a magnificent match last year 3-2 in 83 minutes to Chris Purkiss. 

Although Paul was determined to regain his trophy he like Justin in the first game played a cautious line and length game.  Paul led 5-1 when Justin decided to play his more flamboyant shots in his unique style with some success with those winners Justin led 8/6 before Paul played two low deep forehand drives to draw level at 8-8.  Suddenly both players started to play a faster game and putting the ball deep into the back corners.  After a 40+ stroke rally Justin led 9/8 with a cleverly disguised front of court backhand boast.  Although Paul won the rally to make it 9/9, Justin won the next two to take the game 11/9.

The second and third games were won by Paul very quickly each 11/6.  Justin and Paul played a number of shots that excited the spectators however, at the crucial moment in the rally Justin either tinned the ball or hit it out.

The crucial rally in the fourth was at 1/0 to Paul.  He went two up after a rally that exceeded 50 strokes; the shots played were tight against the wall, deep to the back and or just above the tin at the front.  Both players gave their all.  But what made this point special was both Paul’s and Justin’s ability to retrieve a number of shots when it looked like the point had been won by their opponent.  When Paul won the rally both players were warmly applauded for their efforts.  This rally seem to deflate Justin but he continued to play those flamboyant shots and tried his utmost to win those rallies, however Paul returned them with greater accuracy and won the game and match 11/6.

Well done to both players who produced an exciting match.


Paul Chidgey Memorial Handicap Plate

Phil Hobbs (56) beat James Pratt (40) 100-99 27 minutes

This competition which had not been played for a number of years is named after a much loved member of the club who died suddenly in his early 50s.  Paul played the game in the right way always respecting his opponent, the rules, spirit and etiquette of squash. 

So it was fitting that these two new members of the club played in this final.  Their game was described by the crowd as awesome as they both played a many glorious shots, fair and respectful of each other’s right to get to and play the ball.  Paul would have been proud.

Throughout the match James played wonderful drop shots and his pick ups enabled him to turn potential losing positions to his advantage.  At 50/64, 55/65, 72/74 his returns enabled him to go on a mini run.  When leading 75/72 Phil lost the point he should have won which led to James going on a run to lead 80/75.  Phil stated that he lost his way as he focused on that lost point.  At 80/87 Phil seemed to be more mobile and got his second wind and fought his way back to 89/89 when he lost the rally.

It would appear that Squash players are like cricketers when in the 90s and were very nervous.  However, the quality of their shots remained high.  It was nip and tuck throughout with James leading 93/89 before Phil came back to 93/93 and then lead 98/95 and 99/98 before James pulled it back to 99/99.

James served for the match and it appeared the match was his however; he tinned his backhand to give Phil the match 100/99.

Again both players were warmly applauded by the spectators for their efforts.  Well done to Phil and James.


Men’s Handicap  

Mike Lofthouse (8) beat David Harris (32) 100-62 (40 minutes and 40 seconds)

It was great seeing club captain David Harris in this final.  He has in the last 6 months worked hard on his technique and it was soon apparent that his coaching sessions with Lauren Selby had paid off.  He produced a number of well worked tight forehand and backhand drives that were similar in style to Daryl Selby.  However, Mike is our very own Amr Shabana who played a number of volleys and half volley boasts and matched David with those tight forehand and backhand drives.  He soon racked up those points.

After 19 minutes Mike took the lead at 50/49.  David does not give up and fought back at 22 minutes to draw level at 52/52.  However, the effort of trying to beat Mike caught up with David and Mike pulled away.  As David tired (who would not when you play Mike) his game drifted and played a number of loose shots and tinned too many by his standards and Mike extended his lead to 68/54, 87/59.  With 55 seconds to go David won the rally to make it 62/99.  Although he was determined to prevent Mike from reaching 100, Mike was equally determined to do so and he did winning 100/62.

Well played David and Mike who were warmly applauded for their efforts


Thank you to David Harris and Paul Clarke for marking/refereeing. 

Paul Clarke

Competitions Secretary



Clements Squash Club Finals night 01st July 2014

Ladies Open

Anne Trafford beat Elaine Oddie 3-0 (15/09, 15/12,17/15 22 minutes)

This was the first women’s final for 4 years.  Elaine reached her tenth final and like the previous nine ended up as the gallant loser.

Anne led 10-2 in the first through effective serves that were difficult for Elaine to return.  The award of a stroke to Elaine inspired her to win four more points in quick succession.  However, Anne took control at 11/8 and saw out the first with three deep forehand drives. 

It was clear in the second that Anne had taken on board Pete Goodings coaching and won the game with a succession of serves and deep forehand and backhand drives.  Although Elaine fought back from 4/8 to lead 12/11 Anne was always in control and won 15/12.

The final game was a cracker with both players playing some nice drops and boasts. They were evenly matched until at 7/7 Elaine played a superb forehand nick and with a shout of come on moved into 14/12 lead.  The spectators thought Elaine had this game in the bag when Anne played her shot back to Elaine; however, Elaine tinned her backhand.  Although this inspired Anne, Elaine did not give up and the game to and froe.  At 15/15 and 16/15 Anne won the rally with tight forehand drives to seal the match. 

Well done to both players who produced an exciting match.


Ken Hastings

Dell Mitchell beat Graham Manning 3-0 (15/7,15/8,15/12 20 minutes)

Two evenly matched players met on court 2 and played a drop shot and lob game.  Graham started off with two fine drop nicks.  Dell responded in kind and few backhand drives enabled him to race into a 6/3 lead.  A middle of the court collision did not stop the players’ desire to reach and play the ball at 7/4 to Dell.  At 6/7 down Graham put the ball into the tin which inspired Dell to race into an 11/6 lead.  Dell then mixed his game and started to play backhand drives and cross court winners and won the first 15/7

Until 9/8 in the second this game was similar to the first with both players playing some nice drops.  Graham’s service returns were tight as usual and he was making Dell work hard to win the rally.  At 8/9 Graham service return was loose.  Dell seized the opportunity with a number of penetrative winning backhand drives and a stroke at 13/8 took the second 15/8.

In the third both players concentrated on their drops with some success.  Until 11/11 it was impossible to say who would win this game.  But a lob from Dell that died in the back right energised him and took the next three points with some tight drop shots and a forehand drive.   He sealed the match with another drop and then a drive which Graham could not reach 15/12.

Again well done to both players who entertained the crowd with some exciting squash.


Men’s Open Plate

Rod Carrington beat Stuart Smith 3-0 (15/8, 15/6, 15/13 27 minutes)

Stuart’s squash has improved in the last year and you understood why he plays Essex league for our 3rd team.  In games one and two Stuart played the balls to the back of the court with some hard hitting shots.  However, that wily old fox that is Rod used his experience when under pressure to dig out those balls and played a number of winning returns that forced Stuart off the T. At 9/8 in the first and 8/6 in the second took control to win them 15/8 and 15/6.

Rod was heard congratulating Stuart on the way he was playing at the end of the second.  This seems to inspire Stuart who played a number of winning backhand boasts and forehand drives to lead 10/9, 12/10 and 13/11.  But once again Rod was not prepared to give up and dug in and used his squash nous playing sensible and thoughtful squash mixing up his game to unsettle Stuart to come back and take the final game 15/13.

Well done to both players


Men’s Open Championship

Paul Wallace beat Paul Hodge 3-0 (11/4, 11/8, 11/6 29 minutes)

These two players epitomise all that good is about squash – skilful, determined, and sporting.  I am not sure if it was a bad day at the office or the heat or because that Paul Wallace played a number of tight shots but Paul Hodge never got going.  He tinned a number of (what would be by his high standards) easy shots and was heard remonstrating with himself which continued throughout the match.  Paul Wallace won the first 11/4 by playing a number of tight shots and keeping control of the T 

The second started off in similar vein as the first.  Paul Wallace raced into a 10/4 lead However; he then tinned unexpectedly the next two points.  At 7/10 Paul Hodge played his best rally of the night forcing Paul W off the T and taking control himself with cleverly placed and disguised tight forehand drives and a forehand boast.  He was rewarded with the point.  But at 10/8 Paul Wallace stepped up his game to ensure that Paul Hodge’s revival was short lived and won it 11/8.

In the third Paul Hodge fought back from 2/5 to level 6/6 when Paul Wallace tinned a number of his shots.  But Paul Wallace again stepped up his game and played a number of tight winning shots to win the game 11/6 and match.

Well done to both players.


Thank you to all the players who played in the various competitions and made them very special. To those who reached the finals well done, I hope that their efforts will inspire both them and club members in future competitions.

Thank you to John Grover and Paul Clarke for marking/refereeing.  Special thanks to Mike Campbell the only National Grade referee in Essex for giving up his time to referee.  We hope to see him again at future events.

Paul Clarke

Competitions Secretary