Many people do not realise the importance of adding new or quality strings to their racket. People spend a lot of money buying a new racket only to find that the manufacturers normally put cheap monofilament strings in it. They will use the racket for a number of months and get used to the cheaper strings. When the strings finally break and they have a quality re-string, many times the comments will be: Wow, I didn’t realise the strings make such a difference. I have so much more control of the ball!

Squash String Tension

Racket strings and tension give a compromise between power, spin (control) & durability. The tension in the strings is a personal preference and you need find what tension is suited to your game. Squash rackets tend to be restrung between 25lbs and 30lbs.

How often should I have my racket restrung?

Racket string manufacturers recommend that you restring your racket the same number of times in a year that you play each week. (i.e. if you play 3 times a week, restring your racket 3 times a year). Racket strings lose their tension and elasticity after playing for a while so it is important to have a racket restrung.


A number of people within the club offer a restringing service.

Dave Kitchens (member of UK Racket stringers association)
☎ 07768 491207
John Grover ☎ 07985 462471
Dell Croll ☎ 07545 494632






Alternatively you can contact Original Sports, Southend ☎ 01702 669196