Clements Squash Club is run by its members, we happen to play at Clements Hall, but in no other way are we connected to the centre.
Membership costs and details can be found on our club membership page. We aim to run at break even and keep membership as low as possible.

The club can be whatever you make of it. For your membership you basically get:

  • Membership of the leagues to play in about every 6-7 weeks.
  • Membership of England Squash & Racketball with a few of their magazines posted to you and an emailed newsletter. If you register with them on-line you get access to discounts & offers nationally.
  • We run club competitions twice annually - all standards, including a handicap, lower league and age restricted comps
  • There is a pre-Christmas fun night.
  • We run a club night every Tuesday between 7.10pm and 9.10pm. see our Club night section for further details.
All details of how to pay our joining fee is detailed on the membership form. You can either print the form off & post it, alternatively you can complete and return via email to and make payment via online banking. Bank details can also be found on the form.

A number of options:

  • Put your name/contact details on the board and you'll usually be placed in the lowest league.
  • Or contact one of our committee members who can play you to assess your standard and recommend the right level of league.
  • Or challenge 2 players in any league and put your result on the sheet on the board - you'll generally go in a league below.
  • Unless you are a total beginner you will not be in the lowest league for long even if you start there because we have a very wide standard of membership and the league is designed so you rise quickly if you win.
When you get good enough you could play for one of our Essex League teams.

Clements Hall has six squash courts. You do not have to be a member of Fusion Lifestyle Clements Hall to be a member of our Squash Club, however membership to Fusion allows its members to book courts up to 8 days in advance on-line or 7 day a week by phone. (payable at time of booking game). Clements Hall members benefit from FREE courts access. Please click here for Fusion Lifestyle membership options. Please phone Clements Hall on 01702 207777 to book.

Non-members can still book courts up to 7 days in advance, provided they pay for the court at the time of booking. Please telephone 01702 207777.

You do not need any form of centre membership to play at the centre, however most CSC members find it convenient and cheaper to have “centre” membership (around £25 per annum) – then just pay the court fee when you play. If you do not have this membership then an additional fee (about £1) is charged for entry to the centre so if you play (or use some other centre facility) more than 35 times per year then it pays to have centre membership. It also makes phone booking easier.
Nothing formal although ad-hoc groups do arrange things from time to time.
A list of qualified coaches can be found under our coaching section.
Our Committee sends out regular updates/newsletters. Please ensure you provide us with an email address where you would like to receive updates. or you can follow us on Facebook facebook.com/CSCSquashClub and Twitter @CSCSquashClub
Talk to a committee member, they are there to run the club as you want it.

If you have other queries/questions please don't hesitate to contact us via email.