League Rules

  1. To play in the Clements Squash Club leagues requires you to be a member of Clement Squash Club.
  2. To enter the league requires you to make a “Flying challenge” at the appropriate level for your playing standard, or to make a request that you are entered in the bottom league. The procedure is as follows:
    • Identify the level within the league that you think you are able compete successfully and select one of the two boxes at your level (there being 2 boxes at each level, apart from Top Box).
    • Select two players within that box and challenge each of them to a game.
    • If you succeed in beating both of these players, you are then eligible to enter the league at the box one level below that in which you made your challenge.
    • If you lose one, or both, of your challenge games, you may offer a further challenge and continue to do so until you are successful. (n.b. The boxes are changed every 6 weeks, in accordance with promotions and demotions, so you will need to ensure you do not run out of time to complete your challenge.)
    • You must enter your flying challenge results on the flying challenge sheet that is on the notice board.
    • If you lose heavily to each of your first challenged opponents, then it may be advisable to make a challenge at a lower level.
    • If you win both of your challenge games easily, you may feel that you have selected a box below your ability, and instead of entering the league at the box below, you may choose to offer challenges at a higher level in order to enter the league in a box more appropriate to your ability.
    • If you are a beginner or have not been playing squash for long, and wish to start at the bottom of the league, please enter your name on the flying challenge sheet (on the notice board) with a request to be included in the bottom box.
  3. To stay in the leagues requires members to play a minimum of 2 games each league session (subject to there being a minimum of 4 players in their league).
  4. If members cannot, or do not play the requisite number of games but wish to play in the next league session, then they must enter their name on the "Dropout, Injury, or Sickness" list. Should members wish to re-enter the league at a future date, then rules 1&2 will apply.
  5. If a member withdraws from the league, then any points for or against will be void.
  6. League games are played to World Squash Federation rules. It is incumbent upon members to be conversant with the rules of play.
  7. League games are decided by playing the best of 5 games. Points are awarded for each game won as follows:
    Score Player A Player B
    3 - 0 6 1
    3 - 1 5 2
    3 - 2 4 3
    2 - 2 3 3
    2 - 1 3 2
    2 - 0 3 1
    1 - 1 2 2
    1 - 0 2 1
    Walkover 3 0
  8. If a game is unfinished at the end of forty minutes, then it can be claimed by the leading player providing that the player has reached 11 points (7 points in the Premier League) and is at least 2 point in the lead e.g. 11-9, 12-10 etc (e.g. 7-5, 8-6 etc in the Premier League).
  9. All members participating within the league must make every effort to contact their opponents to arrange their games.
  10. In the event that a player offers their opponent two reasonable dates and times to play their game and their opponent does not accept either, then a walk-over can be claimed. In this event a score of 3-0 should be claimed and “w/o” written under the “3” that is entered on the league score sheet to indicate that a walk-over has been claimed.
  11. If a member is more than 10 minutes late for an agreed match, then the player who is on court ready to play may claim a walkover.
  12. All scores must be entered legibly on the league score sheet to be valid. Games not played should be left blank.
  13. Promotion is only guaranteed for the person winning their box. Other promotions and demotions are dependent upon flying challenges, return from injury, etc. and are not guaranteed.
  14. If a player wins all their box games 3-0, then they will be promoted up 2 boxes for the next session.
  15. The league secretary has discretionary power to take remedial action to cover any eventuality or extenuating circumstance and their decision is final.